What Can I do to get the best price for my property?

Presentation of your home will certainly help with getting you the absolute best final selling price. Our sales consultants are well versed in giving sellers the very best advice possible when considering any changes or improvements you are looking at doing. When visiting your property it is important to point out where improvements are being considered as money spent in the wrong places can have a detrimental effect. Spent in the right places and it can add thousands to your final selling price.

Decluttering can have a massive effect on the final selling price of your home. Less clutter, more space and a feeling of openness will prevail. Clearing bench tops and placement of articles of interest can enhance your property markedly. Oh, and by the way, don't forget the garage!

Negotiating techniques are covered extensively in our training sessions. A very good negotiator can add thousands to your selling price and it is important to trust your sales consultant in this critical area. It is simply our job to get you the top price for your home so leave it to us.

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