• Market Snapshot: August 2016

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    6 ways dogs help reduce stress and improve our health

    1 Dogs Encourage Exercise Which is good for our bodies & our minds 2 They make us laugh Laughter boosts mood and eases stress 3 Dogs reduce blood pressure Their presence alone can calm us down 4 Dogs combat loneliness They're great companions & encourage friendly interaction 5 Petting soothes anxiety Theirs and Ours 6 Dogs Keep Us On Schedule Sticking to a routine reduces stress Not a dog owner? Studies show ...

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    April sales numbers good

    Feilding had 32 house sales through all Real Estate Agents in April compared with 29 in March, 26 in February, 19 in January, 31 sales in December and November, and 37 the previous April. 32 is a good solid long term average. 2007 was the last year that averaged 32, with all years subsequent averaging between 21 and 31. Palmerston North ...

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    What Value in 2025?

    If a Feilding residential property was worth $7,000 in 1971, and 45 years later in 2016 the same property is worth $224,000, does that mean that it will be worth $448,000 in 2025? Between 1971 and 2016, the Andrew Street, Feilding house property has doubled in value 5 times. On average, over the 45 years, it has doubled every 9 years. If ...

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    Continuing Education

    Training is a constant for all members of our staff and this of course includes myself. Real Estate is an ever changing environment to work in and it is essential to keep up to date with changes as they happen. We presently have two new “Family Members” who are going through their study programme to become residential sales consultants. Their ...

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    On The Move

    It’s newsletter time again. The real estate market in Palmerston North has continued along in its very strong vein throughout this year so far. As you will see from the final page of this newsletter I’ve had an amazing run of recent sales with 16 houses sold in only a two month period of time. Yes, you could say I’ve ...

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    10 Mini Productivity Hacks To Ease Your Life

    We probably live in the busiest and most distracting time in history, and all the tasks we have to accomplish each day can be really difficult to complete when it’s hard to focus. Everyone wants to be more productive, but many people don’t know where to start. Or worse, they think the key to productivity involves doing things that look like ...

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    8 Easy Ways to Go Green

    With all the talk about climate change you can't help but feel overwhelmed and not really know what you can do to help. Well never fear! Here are some easy things you can be doing around the home that can help. 1. Change your Light Bulbs Install an LED bulb instead of the cheaper incandescent bulbs and you will save 75% less ...

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    4 Tips to Dealing with Tradespeople Effectively

    Identifying and keeping a good relationship with tradespeople is paramount to good property management, however there are some areas and pitfalls to navigate to ensure your relationship stays strong with the right tradespeople. Tip One Ensure Tradespeople are Qualified and Insured- There are some tradespeople who do not carry the right qualifications or who are not covered by public liability insurance. When ...

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    4 Top Tips to Finding the Right Property Manager

    Finding a good property manager can be just as hard as securing a good tenant. Over the next few weeks we will reveal some tips to make this job easier for you. Levels of service between agencies are varied and every agency promotes good service. How do you make the right choice? Tip One Cheap Agents means Bad Service! Agents who have ...

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