• A Challenge

    Here at Watson Real Estate, we enter the new year full of optimism, excitement and a very strong feeling that 2018 is going to be a great year to be in business. As per normal, change is the name of the game and we will see some profound changes in the next few weeks. All of them positive of course or ...

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    A Christmas Story

    Spending the first 13 years of my life growing up in a small village in Yorkshire, England. It is easy for me to recall many Christmas days huddled around the fire waiting for my mother to prepare a wonderful hot Christmas lunch for her husband and seven children. Usually this was the absolute highlight as it was generally far too ...

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    The Ups and Downs of Real Estate

    With the general election well out of the way, we can now look forward to the continuation of a positive market. We did see a slowing down of the Real Estate market a couple of weeks prior to the election and for well over two weeks afterwards. We are now seeing a number of properties coming to the market making ...

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    Leading Edge

    As I write this Tanya and I are about to attend a Leadership Conference in Sydney. These days it is extremely important to stay at the leading edge of Real Estate in Australasia. This Conference is hosted by Lee Woodward of the Real Estate academy the foremost trainer in our part of the world. We are absolutely convinced that if ...

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    The Politics of Housing

    It happens every three years and invariably causes the real estate market to slow down in anticipation. Of course we are talking about the New Zealand general election which this time has thrown up a number of housing conundrums. With housing such a topical subject these days it was always going to be a political football when attempting to resolve ...

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    Retirement/Lifestyle Villages

    These days I seem to spend a great deal of time talking to senior members of our region who are considering a move from their family home to a retirement or as I would prefer to call them a lifestyle village. Many of our clients are under the mistaken impression that the sale of their home will not cover the ...

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    Auckland Scene

    I very rarely discuss the Auckland Real Estate Scene as it is so far removed from the rest of New Zealand that I quickly lose interest. However, it is interesting to reflect on the changing nature of the Auckland scene. When prices began to rise dramatically up there it was a couple of years ahead of the rest of us. ...

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    Interesting Times

    We live in interesting times with the Reserve bank working overtime to cool the housing market down and we are finally seeing this working in the overheated areas of New Zealand. Auckland has been on an upward trend for several years now and the likes of Hamilton and Tauranga were caught up on their coattails. We saw property prices rising ...

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    The Remarkable Period

    After some 33 plus years of working in the Real Estate Industry in Palmerston North I thought I had seen everything. However, complacency is not a word you can use in our profession so it is best to expect the unexpected. In Palmerston North we have had what I call a "Remarkable Period" in the last 2 years and something I ...

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    Excellent Standard of Service

    Watson Integrity are about halfway through our 21st year of being in business. Never satisfied unless we are moving forward it is pleasing to note that our company has never been stronger. The offshoot of this positive environment is the excellent standard of our service to our clients, in both Palmerston North and Feilding. We are continuing to see a lack ...

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