• RV Update - Renovated in the last 3 years? You need to read this

    New rateable values will be released this month for all Palmerston North properties – an activity that happens only once every 3 years. Your RV will be assessed by a company called Quotable Value on behalf of Palmerston North City Council. Because there are so many properties to assess it’s unlikely Quotable Value will actually visit your property in person. Instead ...

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    5 Tips for creating a designer space at home

    In our latest guest blog interior designer Emma brown shares her top tips on how to create your own designer space in your own home. We all love stylish interiors but often we are overwhelmed and unsure where to start, here I share my top tips on how to create your own designer interior. 1. Have a plan Always start with a plan, ...

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    Cost Versus Value They Are Different!

    Many people incorrectly believe that cost equals value when it comes to real estate. When a house is built, the value may be higher or lower than the cost to build, or it may be the same. It all depends on the state of the market. Similarly, many people incorrectly believe that the value of an older property is derived by ...

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    Listing Statistics

    The following extracts are from Of all 19 regions in NZ, Manawatu/Whanganui has seen the greatest percentage reduction (-32.1%) in the number of houses for sale from May 2016 to May 2017. By contrast, Auckland has seen a 50.8% increase in the number of houses for sale, and NZ a 4% increase.Manawatu/Whanganui showed a 2.8% increase in average asking price in ...

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    Presentation, Presentation, Presentation

    In order to maximise your selling price in the real estate market, it is worth putting some effort into the presentation of your property, especially at this time of the year. We have achieved many outstanding sale prices in this market for our clients, and in most cases presentation has played a significant role. Start with first impressions. What does the buyer ...

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    Feilding’s Median Residential Sale Price Over The Years

    The official REINZ median commenced in 1992. From my Father’s old sales book I have the approximate median for 1970. 1970 $ 7,000 1/1992 $ 84,000 1/1997 $102,000 1/2002 $106,250 1/2007 $221,250 1/2012 $245,000 4/2017 $312,500 The median value has increased approximately 45 times in 47 years, which I think is rather impressive. It has doubled nearly 5 ½ times in 47 years, or every 8.5 years on average. Kind regardsMichael Ford ...

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    Feilding Sales Volume Average, Palmerston North Low In April

    There were 32 house sales through all Real Estate Agencies in Feilding in April, compared with a very high 44 in March. Palmerston North dropped from 155 sales in March to 94 in April. The median residential house sale price for Feilding is $312,500 when calculated over 3 months, and $338,000 for Palmerston North, making a nonsense of headlines a ...

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    Feilding House Sale Price Distribution March 2017

    There has certainly been upward price movement over the last 22 months. $150,000 - $199,000 2 $200,000 - $249,000 6 $250,000 - $299,000 11 $300,000 - $349,000 9 $350,000 - $399,000 8 $400,000 - $449,000 2 $450,000 - $499,000 1 $500,000 - $549,000 0 $550,000 - $599,000 4 $600,000 - $649,000 1 There were also 5 sections sold at $110,000, $125,000, $128,000, $170,000 & $185,000. Kind regardsMichael Ford ...

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    Is Feilding’s Market Over Heated? I Don’t Think So!

    It does depend on which crystal ball you look into. My reason for thinking that Feilding’s market is not over heated is because about 5 years ago in July 2012 the Feilding median residential sale price calculated over 3 months was $249,000 and the median for New Zealand was $368,000, a difference of $119,000. 3 years later in July 2015 Feilding’s median ...

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    A Range Of Sale Price Results

    Tania Osborne and I have recently achieved 6 sale prices between $70,000 and $90,000 above relatively new August 2016 Rating Values, for Feilding houses. We have some similar results currently under contract. Looking through the sales results for the town through all Real Estate Agents, I note that most properties are selling for more than their Rating Value, but not all. ...

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