• Feilding House Sale Price Distribution March 2017

    There has certainly been upward price movement over the last 22 months. $150,000 - $199,000 2 $200,000 - $249,000 6 $250,000 - $299,000 11 $300,000 - $349,000 9 $350,000 - $399,000 8 $400,000 - $449,000 2 $450,000 - $499,000 1 $500,000 - $549,000 0 $550,000 - $599,000 4 $600,000 - $649,000 1 There were also 5 sections sold at $110,000, $125,000, $128,000, $170,000 & $185,000. Kind regardsMichael Ford ...

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    Is Feilding’s Market Over Heated? I Don’t Think So!

    It does depend on which crystal ball you look into. My reason for thinking that Feilding’s market is not over heated is because about 5 years ago in July 2012 the Feilding median residential sale price calculated over 3 months was $249,000 and the median for New Zealand was $368,000, a difference of $119,000. 3 years later in July 2015 Feilding’s median ...

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    A Range Of Sale Price Results

    Tania Osborne and I have recently achieved 6 sale prices between $70,000 and $90,000 above relatively new August 2016 Rating Values, for Feilding houses. We have some similar results currently under contract. Looking through the sales results for the town through all Real Estate Agents, I note that most properties are selling for more than their Rating Value, but not all. ...

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    Biggest Month For Feilding Since May 2007

    There were 44 house sales through all Real Estate Agencies in Feilding in March, which was very strong indeed. Palmerston North was also strong with 155. The median residential house sale price for Feilding is $311,250 when calculated over 3 months, and $324,125 for the month of March alone. It was $240,000 in August 2015! Auckland was very active again ...

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    Feilding Pride Increases

    When I came back to Manawatu in 1983 and worked in real estate and property valuation, it is fair to say that the main reason that outsiders purchased here, was because it was cheap. If asked where a local came from he or she tended to look at the ground and mumble "Feilding," in the hope that no-one heard. Local ...

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    Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics!

    Statistics New Zealand has recently released revised population growth projections for our regions and local authority areas. If we look at the Manawatu – Whanganui Region, the prediction is for 7.1% population growth in the 30 years to 2043. This is less than impressive! If we break the statistics down to local Council level, the statistics are very positive for Manawatu District ...

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    Great Real Estate System

    The English know all about the nightmares of gazumping. Many countries have an inferior land transfer and title system. In NZ, we use the same sale and purchase agreement document throughout the land that all Solicitors and Agents are familiar with. We have a robust and independent licensing and discipline system, through the Real Estate Agents Authority. We have a proactive Real Estate Institute ...

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    When buying, most of us have to compromise, and if interest rates rise, we need to budget accordingly. So when buying, you should start by making a long “wish list.” Then go through and rank that list starting with the most important requirement. For many, the following considerations rank highly:Location, house size, section size, condition, potential to add value, architecture, number of ...

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    Big Month For Feilding Small Month For NZ

    The median residential house sale price for Feilding is $299,500 when calculated over 3 months, which is down slightly, however the median for the month of February alone was $312,500. There were 41 house sales through all Agencies in Feilding, which was very strong. The national median was down slightly, and the volume of sales for NZ for a 3 ...

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    Average Number Of Feilding House Sales Per Month, By Year

    2015 and 2016 were the same at 31 sales per month by all Real Estate Agents. This level is better than recent years but below the 2003 – 2007 boom years. The best year was 2003 at 46, and the worst in recent times was 2010 at 21. 2003 46 2004 33 2005 41 2006 39 2007 32 2008 24 2009 31 2010 21 2011 24 2012 28 2013 27 2014 27 2015 31 2016 31 Regards Michael Ford ...

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