• Covid 19 Level 2 Updates

    Covid 19 Level 2 Updates These videos were created to show owners and tenants how we will change our processes during Covid-19 level 2. However, Level 4 quickly followed and made these quite quickly out of date. We have left the information here, because it still gives insights on how we will operate at Level 2,3 and 4. Introduction Video Covid-19 Level 2: Selling your ...

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    Will Jeff Bezos (Amazon) solve the NZ housing crisis? Here's the plan!

    I am proud to say that I, Greg Watson, of Palmerston North, Manawatu have solved the New Zealand Housing Crisis ... and you're welcome. There is only one small catch but bear with me on this...... Recently Jeff Bezos, C.E.O. and founder of Amazon spent $256.3 million dollars (NZD) on a house in California, breaking the previous record for the area for a ...

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    9 Crucial questions to ask your Property Management company

    Greg Watson explains 9 crucial questions to ask your Property Management company. Whether it is your current company or you are looking for a new company, here are some tips on what to ask!  Question 1: Do they hold your money in a trust account?  Question 2: Do they have their account audited regularly? Question 3: Do they carry out police checks on ...

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    Feilding overtakes Palmerston North! (is the secret out?)

    +43% Increase in Feilding median house price in 12 months! I was reading recently on that “Feilding house prices are sweeping past its city neighbours as a spike breaks another record”. The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand reported Feilding's median house price hit an all-time high of $465,000 in September, a 43 per cent increase over the past 12 months and ...

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    Rents are up 9.1% in the Manawatu

    When we say rents have gone up in Manawatu/Wanganui by 9.1% it doesn’t sound like much, does it? Sometimes a figure itself can be hard to convert into something meaningful. So, let’s look at it this way: For every $100 of rent a landlord charged a year ago, they are now charging $109 on average – or $9 more income per week. If you own an investment property ...

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    Award-winning property management in Friendly Feilding

    Did you know in 2008 our property management industry became unregulated? Many of the consumer safeguards were removed, all business start-up entry levels were removed and there was no longer any industry (or external) watchdog requirements. Because the industry is unregulated it’s essential that you safeguard yourself. If you’re considering a property management company then this is my advice on how ...

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    Should I rent my home furnished or unfurnished

    I am often asked about renting homes furnished or unfurnished and I thought I would share some thoughts on this topic. What do people mean by 'fully furnished' anyway? Imagine going on holiday and housesitting a friends house or renting on Air B'n'B. That would be a great way to imagine what 'fully furnished' is generally like. As the owner, you don't need ...

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    Manawatu Market Update Video

    This video summarises Manawatu Real Estate statistics from the Real Estate Institue of New Zealand including Palmerston North and the wider area. “The Manawatu/Wanganui region is experiencing a similar pattern to a number of regions across the country whereby prices are increasing from the same time last year, but volumes have fallen as a result of low levels of new properties ...

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    VIDEO: 23rd August: The week in Real Estate

    Greg summarises some interesting news stories from the week in real estate: In this episode: OCR Rates and ANZ's viewpoint Buying a 1/4 acre in Auckland, plus how to do great landscaping on a smaller section Wellington trying to save heritage houses plus huge 'affordable' housing sales Outstanding Kiwi kitchens win international awards Calls for regulation on property management ANZ predicts OCR cut Inside an industry's crisis ...

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    REINZ House price update for Manawatu and Rangitikei

    See below for a link to the full document. Regions are moving upwards while Auckland stays steady. Click here for the full document to see what is happening in your region. CLICK AND CONTACT US FOR A FREE UPDATED APPRAISAL ON YOUR HOME ...

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