• Successful Investing!

    In many situations the knowledge you can gain beforehand can be useful when making plans for the future. This is very relevant in the investment sector. Naturally landlords purchase properties to make money and to make an informed decision you need to not only assess current income and costs, but also make future projections in these matters. An investment property should ...

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    There has never been a better time to buy an investment property!

    So why make such a statement when compliance regulations have increased? Knowledge is power and we now know most of the new regulations that we need to comply with and when you purchase the property you can factor in the requirements to the offer you make. The house owner will need to supply to you all the insulation details. Add to ...

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    A New Year! New challenges

    2019 has started off with a brisk pace with the situation similar to last year. When we have rental properties available, we get multiple viewings which in turn gives us multiple applications. From our point of view that gives us a great choice of tenant, but it also means that we have to disappoint many good tenants that miss out. ...

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    Landlords – 6 law changes you need to know about

    The Government is currently consulting on a range of changes to the Residential Tenancy Act, that could have a big impact on both tenants and landlords. Bob Weaver from Watson Property Management Feilding, shares the key changes you need to be aware of. What are your thoughts on the proposed changes? Leave your comments below or contact me for a free consultation ...

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    We expect all tenants to do their duty

    So, your tenants have moved in and we are coming towards the first inspection. What do we expect from our tenants as property managers? The original photos/videos of the property before the tenants moved in give us an indication of how the home is presented from commencement and we at least expect the standard to be maintained. We are looking for a ...

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    Property Management in the spotlight

    In the last few months there has been more reports in the media about property management that at any other time. I realise that the government is proceeding with reforms and this always gains traction. Unfortunately, the reports are sensationalised and some of the facts get lost in translation. There are one or two property management companies whose adverts have not ...

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    Times are changing

    Times are changing, legislation is growing and compliance rules are increasing. At one time managing your own rental properties was much easier but changes to the Residential Tenancy Act, compliance and new government laws has put the pressure on. It has also become more important than ever to ensure you have the right tenant in your property. managing the property themselves is ...

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    To sell or not to sell

    It is clear that some investors have taken the decision to sell their investment properties as they are concerned that the compliance costs are increasing, and yes, there are some extra costs involved with the insulation regulations and we expect that those properties that have no heating in the property will need to address the issue as a matter of urgency. So ...

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    A Win, Win Situation

    I have been asked over the last few weeks to do a number of rental appraisals for landlords currently managing their own properties. You would be amazed how many of these properties are massively under rented! Many were not being well-kept by the tenants and some had no working smoke alarms. An appraisal I did last week was under rented ...

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    The investment Ladder

    Our recent seminar was well attended and it was good to see a number of new investors wanting to start on the investment ladder. For those of you that could not attend we discussed the investment choices from shares, to bonds and of course property. We discussed what to look for in an investment property as this may be very ...

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