• Bidding wars for tenants

    I suppose that a lack of tenancies was always going to have an effect. For many of our viewings we get multiple applications and following receipt of the applications we then go through our thorough tenant checking process. This process is essential to ensure that we get the right tenant. A tenant is chosen because they can afford to pay ...

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    Warming to Winter

    Here we are again approaching the winter season. Mind you in the Manawatu we never feel the full effects of the cold and with my first 40 years of life in the UK, lower temperatures and snowy scenes were quite normal. As Property Managers and Landlords we have to consider the work that needs to be attended to, at our properties. Chimneys ...

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    Insurance companies are now bringing in tougher requirements for landlords. They believe that if you want insurance cover you should also be acting in the best interests of the insurance company. New Zealand’s leading insurance provider IAG, has published new requirements that will come into effect at the next renewal date of your policy. IAG sell insurance products direct under AMI, ...

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    Finding Tenants

    One of the most asked questions when I take on new managements is what sort of people are renting houses in Feilding? and the answer surprises many. I suppose it used to be the case that tenants were people who could not afford to buy a home. We have a great number of people moving down from Auckland or up from Wellington ...

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    Common Sense Prevails!

    You may remember the case last year where the tenancy tribunal ruled that a tenant was not liable for damage done by her dogs. Badly soiled carpet needed to be replaced, and no permission was given for the dogs to be inside the property. Landlords nationwide were disappointed by the ruling and concerned about future rulings. Thankfully the landlord appealed to ...

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    Let’s Turn Over a New Leaf

    So a new year, new challenges and new opportunities. The Real Estate market as we know goes in cycles with ups and downs. It is one of the most discussed subjects in the media and at the water cooler but we all survive the speculation. It is the same with investment properties a lot of discussion on where and when ...

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    What a year!

    It has been a challenging year in Property Management but we have all worked our way through it. I think the smoke alarm legislation was well publicised and hopefully all rental properties have the correct smoke alarms in the right places. Remember that the older smoke alarms may need replacing and check the dates on them and if in any ...

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    Protect your precious asset

    I have always found it easy to put forward good reasons to use a Property Manager rather than an owner shouldering the responsibility themselves. Over the last few weeks I have brought forward the fact that regulations have been changing and the importance of the right tenant is greater than ever. With the courts deciding that tenant’s responsibilities have reduced ...

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    Property Managers are worth their weight in gold

    I know that there is a school of thought that, “If we manage the property ourselves we can save money”. There have been many instances in the press recently to show that this is not the case. Owners are placing tenants in their properties without adequate references and not performing regular inspections. No wonder the insurance companies are demanding written ...

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    From Good To Great

    This articles subject is perhaps not quite what you are expecting but quite interesting if you are an investor. Rents in many areas of New Zealand are going from good to great. In fact Bay of Plenty and Manawatu are showing their biggest recorded rent increases. 20% in the Bay of Plenty and 17 per cent in the Manawatu. Most ...

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