• Flooding in the Manawatu!

    What a chaotic week follows flooding in our district. From our point of view our property rental division swings into action with so many issues to resolve. When you look after a large portfolio of homes it follows that there will be a substantial number of issues to resolve. It is like running a mini civil defence type situation when ...

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    4 Tips to Dealing with Tradespeople Effectively

    Identifying and keeping a good relationship with tradespeople is paramount to good property management, however there are some areas and pitfalls to navigate to ensure your relationship stays strong with the right tradespeople. Tip One Ensure Tradespeople are Qualified and Insured- There are some tradespeople who do not carry the right qualifications or who are not covered by public liability insurance. When ...

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    4 Top Tips to Finding the Right Property Manager

    Finding a good property manager can be just as hard as securing a good tenant. Over the next few weeks we will reveal some tips to make this job easier for you. Levels of service between agencies are varied and every agency promotes good service. How do you make the right choice? Tip One Cheap Agents means Bad Service! Agents who have ...

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    Volume Good Median Price Down

    Feilding had 36 house sales in May, which is the 4th month in a row with quite good volume – 36, 37, 28 & 30. The 3 previous months were at 18, 22 & 25. The increased sales volume is healthy for Feilding. After 3 months with the median sale price between $282,500 and $285,000, the median has dropped in May ...

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    Marcus Watson ... On The Move

    Here we are in the depths of winter where most of us are keen to be inside and staying warm. We’ve certainly had our fair share of rain here in the Manawatu recently! You’d think the real estate market at this time of the year would be dead as a doornail. You’d be totally wrong though. We’ve just had a very strong ...

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    Presentation ... Inside and Out

    As I walk to work this morning I notice the multitude of leaves that mark out the late autumn early winter period. It set me thinking how important it is to have the exterior of a property well presented as well as the interior of course. Even more important if your home is on the market for sale and you ...

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    Middle of Market Performing Best

    Using the REINZ statistics for sales of residential houses and units for the last 3 months in Feilding, we can see that based on value movement above or below the 2013 Rating Values, that the middle section of the market is performing best. Sale Price % less than RV % at RV % above RV Under $200,000 65 4 31 $200 - 249,000 40 4 56 $250 - 299,000 31 0 69 $300 - 349,000 17 0 83 $350 - 399,000 29 0 71 $400 ...

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    Surge of interest at Open Homes

    It is very noticeable that at present we are seeing a surge of interest at our open homes. In many instances this will result in our receiving multiple offers on particular properties with a final selling price above our expectation. You may wonder why or how this is happening. There are a number of elements that are crucial in seeing ...

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    Our Primary Concern is Helping People

    Sometimes it can be difficult being a Real Estate Sales Consultant. In face quite often it can be difficult. At our company we believe that our primary role is helping people to either sell their home or purchase a new home. The operative work is HELP as you should not be working in our profession unless you enjoy helping people. ...

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    Most Important Issue For Feilding

    Imminent new earthquake prone building legislation will give 20 years, in high risk areas such as Manawatu, for building owners to strengthen or demolish their commercial buildings, if they are below 34% of NBS (new building standard). This will be a huge challenge for many Feilding building owners, and it is a huge challenge for our business community. Many of ...

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