• Volume Down A Bit Median Adjusting Back

    Feilding had 27 house sales in June, which is the lowest since January, but certainly higher than the 25, 22 & 18 in November, December and January. Palmerston North had the highest number of sales in the month of June for over 3 years. After 3 months with the median sale price between $282,500 and $285,000, the median has dropped to ...

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    $223 Per Week Payments

    A typical Feilding Tenant will be paying $300 per week to rent a $200,000 property. It may well be possible to buy such a house with a $20,000 deposit, and $180,000 loan over 30 years, at 4.99% interest rate fixed over 2 years. The mortgage payments would be only $223 per week. Even with rates and insurance, it may well ...

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    Introducing .... Our New Website

    We are absolutely delighted with our brand new website that we have recently launched. We were pretty comfortable with our old site but now that Spinning Planet have redesigned it for us we could not be happier. Website design has come a long way over the years and it is extremely important to have certain factors in place. One of ...

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    10 Mini Productivity Hacks To Ease Your Life

    We probably live in the busiest and most distracting time in history, and all the tasks we have to accomplish each day can be really difficult to complete when it’s hard to focus. Everyone wants to be more productive, but many people don’t know where to start. Or worse, they think the key to productivity involves doing things that look like ...

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    Facts About Real Estate Agents

    I found the first fact interesting, personally. I have worked in the property industry for 37 years, which makes me one of the longest serving real estate people in the Manawatu, and yet I am still younger than the average age for Real Estate Agents in New Zealand (just!). I can not claim this when Salespeople are included in the ...

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    Best time to sell!

    We are now half way through the year and it is pleasing to note that the Real Estate Market in the Manawatu is showing for more positive signs. I am tempted to go as far as saying that recent trends show that it may very well be the best time to sell a home here since 2007. Low interest rates, ...

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    8 Easy Ways to Go Green

    With all the talk about climate change you can't help but feel overwhelmed and not really know what you can do to help. Well never fear! Here are some easy things you can be doing around the home that can help. 1. Change your Light Bulbs Install an LED bulb instead of the cheaper incandescent bulbs and you will save 75% less ...

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    Does Advertising Work?

    Yes, of course it does.Different people respond to different forms of marketing, and so I consider that a smorgasbord approach is best.We have marketing packages starting with no cost at all to the seller.A modest investment in marketing usually results in a better final outcome though.We use the local Feilding Herald/Rangitikei Mail newspaper that most locals read, Property Weekly - ...

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    Flooding in the Manawatu!

    What a chaotic week follows flooding in our district. From our point of view our property rental division swings into action with so many issues to resolve. When you look after a large portfolio of homes it follows that there will be a substantial number of issues to resolve. It is like running a mini civil defence type situation when ...

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    4 Tips to Dealing with Tradespeople Effectively

    Identifying and keeping a good relationship with tradespeople is paramount to good property management, however there are some areas and pitfalls to navigate to ensure your relationship stays strong with the right tradespeople. Tip One Ensure Tradespeople are Qualified and Insured- There are some tradespeople who do not carry the right qualifications or who are not covered by public liability insurance. When ...

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