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Watson Real EstateAt Watson Real Estate we understand that we are not just selling a house. We appreciate the importance of your home as an investment and a sanctuary, and we will tailor a strategy specific to your needs.

We offer:

  • A unique strategy designed for your home that ensures you get the best possible price the market is willing to pay
  • Personal visit from our senior agents to accurately advise you and value your home
  • Accurate and up-to-date information on recent comparable sales
  • A team approach that ensures that all of our agents are personally involved in the selling of your home
  • Help with preparing your home for the market
  • A detailed and effective marketing plan that captures the right buyers for your home
  • Regular, effective communication with you so that you know what is going on at all times.

What price should I put on my home?

Watson Real EstateYour home will sell when someone is willing to pay a price you are willing to accept. At Watson Real Estate, our role is to work with you so that you achieve the highest possible price that the market is willing to pay. To help you achieve this, our agents will:

  • Provide factual information from recent sales of similar properties for you to use as a guideline to what may be achieved
  • Provide advice on the most appropriate and effective selling methods based on your personal goals and circumstances.

Watson Real Estate agents will never overprice your home just to get your business. We know that buyer interest is strongest in the first 30 days on the market, and we will work hard to attract maximum interest in your home during this period.

How much exposure will my property get?

The greater the exposure to the market, the better the result. Watson ensures that your home stands out from the competition, attracting both active and passive buyers. Our marketing initiatives include:

Watson Real EstateManawatu Standard Property Weekly:

  • When people are looking for a home, Property Weekly is rated the top unprompted source
  • Property Weekly scores highest in importance in comparison with other sources of information
  • Property Weekly is the most frequently read weekly information source for property buyers
  • Sellers choose Property Weekly more than any other medium


We offer a range of innovative video techniques to boost your buyer engagement. These include virtual open home tours and our 3D tours. 


A signboard is a 24-hour sales tool. Up to 21% of buyer enquiries come from sales boards at the front of properties.

Agent Databases

Our large database of buyers means that you are employing every one of our agents when you sell your home. We are able to inform our buyers of your house as soon as it comes on the market.

Open Homes

Open homes are an important feature in a marketing campaign. Our advice and effective agents ensure that your open homes are effective and painless experiences for you. Read our advice on presenting your home. With every listing we produce a comprehensive open home booklet, with everything buyers need to know about your home. 

2D floor plan 

We produce a 2D floor plan to help further showcase your property - buyers love these floor plans as it helps them retain key information about your home, including dimensions and layout. 


By listing your home with Watson, you are gaining access to an international marketing tool that never sleeps. All our open homes are listed on our company website as well as on New Zealand's top property website,

Just Listed Cards

Research has told us that the buyer for your home is often already in your area. We distribute 'just listed' cards to notify potential buyers in the area that your home has come on the market.

What the business community say

"As the long term legal advisor to Watson Real Estate I am well placed to observe the commitment of the Watson family to ensuring that their clients receive trustworthy and personal service."

 Mark Sinclair - Lawyer
Jacobs Florentine, Palmerston North

"I have dealt with both the real estate and property divisions of the company for a number of years and have always found them to be a professional firm with high standards who strive to meet their customer's needs."

Michael Lawrence - Accountant
Naylor Lawrence & Associates, Palmerston North

"Watson Integrity is a family business and I have known Ken Watson, his sons Marcus and Greg and many members of his team at Watson Integrity for many years both in their professional capacities as Real Estate Agents and through their active support of the Palmerston North community particularly through Football. The leadership team at Watson Integrity promotes a strong work ethic amongst its team and a genuine and committed approach to professional integrity in the property industry. They are a pleasure to deal with."

Alison Green - Principal
Alison Green Law Office, Palmerston North

"My dealings with Ken and his team have always been friendly and professional. Ken's motto of "Honesty and Integrity is everything" has certainly been practiced by his team. The generous sponsorship of Watson Integrity has been instrumental in the strength of Manawatu Soccer which is a credit to Ken and his team."

Craig Seton - Director - Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Link Manawatu, Palmerston North

What is the process?

Watson Real EstateBecause we understand that selling your home is a major financial and emotional decision, we believe it is important that you understand the process so that your experience is a relaxed one.

Overview of the selling process

  • Initial Appointment - We meet with you to discuss your needs and how we can help you. At this point we sign an agency agreement, giving us permission to market your home. This includes a description of the property and chattels, legal details and the agency period.
  • In-home Consultation - here we discuss the features and benefits of your home, and develop a customized marketing plan designed to reach your target market.
  • Preparing your home for sale - here the Watson agents will give you advice on the best way to present your home.
  • Team visit - our entire team of agents will visit your home to ensure that they are all familiar with your home before they begin contacting their clients.
  • Marketing and sales phase - your individually tailored marketing plan begins, including personal visits and open homes.
  • Negotiation - when an offer is made, your Watson agent will negotiate on your behalf with the buyers to ensure that you receive the best possible price and terms.
  • Sale - We attend to all aspects of the sale, including delivery of contracts, the collection of deposits, builder and valuer inspections, etc.
  • After sales - we assist you and the buyer with the arrangement of final inspection, the collection of keys, and anything else that you may need.

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