7 Costly Mistakes Ebook


Ken Watson shares his years of expertise in his latest ebook “Selling Your Home: The Seven Most Costly Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them).” 

If you're considering selling your home then this is essential reading! Download the book now to delve into these 7 costly mistakes to avoid! 

  1. Costly mistake #1: Ineffective or no strategy 
  2. Costly mistake #2: Badly executed (or no) advertising
  3. Costly mistake #3: Poor presentation 
  4. Costly mistake #4: Choosing a poor negotiator 
  5. Costly mistake #5: Selling to a one-off buyer 
  6. Costly mistake #6: Accepting offers too early 
  7. Costly mistake #7: Selling your home privately 

Download 7 Costly Mistakes now and benefit from years of real estate industry experience - completely free. If you'd like more advice on selling your home then please call us for an obligation-free chat. 

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